LATEX Concentrate is a liquid rubber. It is produced from field latex by centrifuge process. Latex concentrate has a dry rubber content (DRC) of 60% minimum in weight.; There are two type of latex concentrate, high ammonia and low ammonia. The uniform packing is 200 litres or 205 kgs in new drum.

     SKIM BLOCK Skim Blocks are processed from skim latex, a by-product of latex concentrate, adding sulfuric acid in order to change skim latex into skim coagulum and converting skim crepe into crumbs and drying rubber at higher temperature of 100°c., the drying processes are similar to STR5L. The uniform packing is 33.33 kgs in pressed bale available in 1.2 metric tons pallet packing or in loose bales.

Tong Thai Rubber's Products
Rubber Grade
Packing/20' Container
60% dry rubber contentHigh & Low Ammonia 205 KG/NEW DRUM,
80 DRUMS/16.40 MT/FCL