STR is a new process of rubber developing from natural rubber to technical specified rubber. It has been introduced in Thailand since 1968. STR is available in five grades i.e. STR-5L, STR5, STR10, STR20 and STR20CV.Only two grades are volume traded in rubber industry i.e. STR5L and STR20.

      STR-20 is a large volume grade of technical specified natural rubber. It is processed from field coagulum(cuplump)and mixed with rubber sheet or processed from cuplump only. There are two drying processes, the first process is converting rubber into crumbs and drying rubber at higher temperature of 100°c through dryer trolley. The second process is converting rubber into a crepe sheets, hanging dry and convert into crumbs rubber and drying rubber through peletizer machine. We, TONG THAI RUBBER, choose the second process because it gives us a consistent properties of rubber. The uniform packing is available in 35.00 kgs. In pressed bales.

Tong Thai Rubber's Products
Rubber Grade
Packing/20' Container
STR-10 and STR-20 -35.00 KG/BALE, 1.26 MT/PALLET, 20.16 MT/FCL
-33.33 KG/BALE, 1.20 MT/PALLET, 19.20 MT/FCL