STR is a new process of rubber developing from natural rubber to technical specified rubber. It has been introduced in Thailand since 1968. STR is available in five grades i.e. STR-5L, STR5, STR10, STR20 and STR20CV.Only two grades are volume traded in rubber industry i.e. STR5L and STR20.

     STR5L is a light color rubber, processing from quality latex and converting rubber into crumbs and drying rubber at higher temperature of 100°c. The uniform packing is 33.33 kgs in pressed bale.


Tong Thai Rubber's Products
Rubber Grade
Packing/20' Container
STR-5L -35.00 KG/BALE, 1.26 MT/PALLET, 20.16 MT/FCL
-33.33 KG/BALE, 1.20 MT/PALLET, 19.20 MT/FCL